Saturday, December 24, 2011

UDIMagic v4.0 Release 1.3

UDIMagic v4.0 Release 1.3 now supports some new options in the UDIMagic.ini (configuration) file as shown underneath :-

;;Specify the Tally version

;;Specify this option if you need to import data into Multiple Companies

1) As we cannot programmatically get the Tally version/release, a new option has been kept in the udimagic.ini (configuration) file to specify the Tally version. Ex: specifies that the Tally version is 9.0 and Release is 3.2

2) While importing data into Tally, the Masters with same name (i.e. same master) are skipped by UDIMagic, by default. However, when data is to be imported into multiple Companies, we may require one Master to be imported into more than one companies. In such cases, you need to specify the MultipleCompanies=Yes in the UDIMagic configuration file

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