Friday, September 2, 2011

Tally Error : Date is Out of Range

The aforesaid error Date is Out of Range occurs if the voucher date is lesser than the Books beginning date given in the Tally Company.

A typical situation wherein the aforesaid occurs is shown underneath :-

a) The Books beginning date in Tally is 01/04/2011
b) The Voucher date in the Excel sheet is 09/01/2011

While importing data into Tally using UDIMagic, the error "Date 9-1-2011 is out of Range" appears. This is because the Voucher has DATE as 9-1-2011 (i.e. 9th January 2011)

We  have found that the said problem generally arises in cases where the Excel data is generated from some 3rd party application. Though the data generated by that application may be in dd-mm-yyyy format, it appears as mm-dd-yyyy in the Excel sheet. To rectify this, use option "Start - Settings - Control Panel - Regional and Language Options" and set the option as "English (United Kingdom)" instead of "English (United States)".

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