Friday, August 5, 2011

Create dependent Masters in Tally

UDI-Magic v4.0 supports a new feature that allows you to specify whether Dependent Masters are to be created or not in Tally.

1) Open the UDIMAGIC.INI (configuration file) in Notepad.
2) Add the lines as shown below :-
  ;;a) Must appear under section [UDIMAGIC]
  ;;b) Yes means - Create Dependent Masters. 
  ;;c) No means - Do not create Dependent Masters.

3) Save the file and close Notepad.

Remarks :-
The aforesaid feature is useful in situations where initially you want to IMPORT data in a Blank New Company in Tally and the dependent Masters must be created (set CreateDependentMasters=Yes). Later on when you import data in your Original Company wherein Masters already exist, you can set it to No (CreateDependentMasters=No)

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