Sunday, January 25, 2009

Updating StockItem Master Names in Tally

UDIMagic v3.0 Release 1.81 supports a new tag named <OLDNAME>

The tag <OLDNAME> when used along with the tag <NAME>, allows you to modify NAME's of existing MASTER-records in Tally.

Here's a sample Excel sheet which contains StockItem Master-records wherein we have OLD-Names in Column-B and NEW-Names in Column A. The objective is to replace the StockItem Master-records having OLD-Names with the NEW-Names.

And here are the XML tags to update / modify the STOCKITEM Master records with the NEW-Names.

XML tags extracts:-

<!-- Create STOCKITEM Masters -->
<!-- NEW-Name for STOCKITEM -->

<!-- OLD-Name for STOCKITEM -->
<!-- PartNumber -->

1) We have specified two tags viz <NAME> and <OLDNAME> tag.
2) UDI-Magic searches for StockItem MASTER-records in Tally having the OLD-Name, and if found they are replaced with the NEW-Name as specified by the tag <NAME> as shown above.

Download the Excel-sheet and XML tags for updating StockItem Masters Names in Tally.

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bb said...

This did work. Tags for blog search replace or edit item title