Sunday, December 14, 2008

Upload Multiple Price Levels (Price List) data into Tally Software

This is further to my earlier post on the above subject-matter.

Multiple Price Levels in Tally
Tally Accounting Software allows you to maintain "Multiple Price levels". This feature is useful in situations wherein you have different types of Customers like "Wholesale Customers", "Retail customers", "Export Customers" etc. Using the "Multiple Price Levels" feature you can assign different prices (or discounts) to different types of Customers.

UDIMagic and "Multiple Price Levels" in Tally
UDIMagic allows you to Import "Multiple Price Levels" data into Tally. Here's a detailed writeup on how you can import "Multiple Price Levels (Price List)" data into Tally Software along with sample Excel sheet and XML tags.

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