Monday, September 22, 2008

UDIMagic with Auto Run feature

UDIMagic v3.0 Release 1.60 comes with a new feature called Auto-Run.

What is Auto Run ?

The Auto Run feature allows you to setup UDIMagic to run automatically without any User-intervention.

Once this feature is enabled, you can add UDIMagic to "Windows Scheduler" to run UDIMagic at scheduled timings.

How to enable the Auto Run mode in UDIMagic ?

1) Start UDIMagic and follow the wizard instructions to import data as you normally do.
2) In the Settings screen, click on the "Enable Auto Run" check-box to enable it.
3) Next, click on the Start button to import data into Tally.

This now enables Auto-Run mode; and few lines are added to the UDIMagic.ini (configuration) file. You can also manually edit the UDIMagic.ini (configuration) to enable/disable the Auto-Run feature.

How do I add UDIMagic to Windows Scheduler ?

1) From the Windows Start menu, select "Settings >> Control Panel"
2) Next, select Scheduled Tasks
This displays all the currently scheduled tasks.
3) Next, select "File >> New >> Scheduled Task"
4) Give a name to the Task, say UDIMAGIC.
5) Next, double-click on UDIMAGIC scheduled task to modify the settings

This will auto-run UDIMagic at the schedule timings.

1) In the Auto-Run mode, a file named "Autorun.log" is created which records the UDIMagic process activites. This is generally useful for keeping track of Data imported; or errors (if any).
2) When the Auto-Run mode is enabled, manually starting UDIMagic will display a AUTO-RUN Splash screen that allows you to Skip or Disable the Auto-Run mode.

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